“Kate is very caring, competent and insightful! Her work, dedication to excellence and warm heart has been so valuable to our team. Do not hesitate to hire her for your VA needs!”

Laurel Elders, Founder of The Institute of Integrative Coach Training, https://www.integrativecoachtraining.com/

“Deciding to hire Kate has by far been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business thus far. It’s not just having any help that can up-level your business, it’s having Kate. I’ve had many assistants over the years but none are as thorough, detail oriented, organized, and as accountable as Kate. Plus she has a delightful personality! I’ll never forget the first time she proactively followed up on a to do that I didn’t ever remember myself… I was floored and deeply grateful for the ownership she took for my business. That is a rare trait to find and I’m so lucky to have Kate on my success team.”

Tabitha Danloe, Executive, Business & Life Coach, The Divine Sophia https://www.thedivinesophia.com/

“Kate has been wonderful in helping our company get on top of our finances. She is highly experienced, easy to work with, intuitive and has an excellent attention to detail. We are eager to work with her further to set more proactive revenue goals and grow the company’s social media presence.”

Laura McKaughan, Envirolutions Consulting https://www.envirolutionsconsulting.com/

“Kate has excellent organizational skills that make an office run smoothly and efficiently. To this day, we utilize organizational tools and policies that she developed and put into place. During the 4 years that I have known and worked with Kate, she has impressed me deeply with her exceptional level of professionalism, integrity, interpersonal skills, as well as, a positive life perspective. Kate is an exceptionally motivated employee who always demonstrated outstanding commitment and active participation to all endeavors of the office. She stood out as Administrative Support and possessed all the qualities that I view to be necessary in a Virtual Assistant.  I have no doubt that she will make an excellent addition to your organization.”

Terri Edwards (Director, Office of Student Development & Academic Counseling, Learning Skills Specialist)

“I had the privilege of working with Kate Ashton for at least two years.  During this time she was responsible for the support of two offices and was nothing short of superb.  Kate had imagination and a way to think which is rare.  She also knew when to take initiative and move ahead with a project.  But she had that great attribute of knowing when to ask advice and then could build on that and make the product better. 

Kate was a positive influence on all those she came in contact with.  I only wish I could have worked with her longer. I would hire her back in a minute if I had the chance.”

~Dr. Carl Haisch (Professor of Surgery)

“I served as Director of Student Development and Academic Counseling in the Division of Academic Affairs at East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine from 2013-2015 and during this time Kate served as the Administrative Support Associate for our academic support office.  Although I did not know her prior to hiring her, just a few weeks after she started work in our office, she was performing so well in her duties as our front-line support person that I immediately noticed a much needed smooth flow of daily operations in our office.  The fast-paced, high-stress medical school environment with its two contrasting sides (the academic and the clinical) is a difficult one for most new employees to navigate and adjust to – it also is one that tends to be intimidating for new employees.  But, I noticed that Kate adjusted well very quickly – after a few weeks of work, she had settled into her new duties with such confidence and as one who had been working in medical education for a long time. During her employment in our office and as a result of division staff shortages, she was assigned to work in two academic units at once.  She was required to provide weekly administrative support to our academic support office and also to the Office of Faculty Development.  Although this may not seem remarkable, it really is when one considers that this double work assignment required her to daily manage the counseling office which served nearly 400 medical students and the daily professional development needs of the medical school’s basic science and clinical faculty.  Her duties as the support person for the Office of Faculty Development required her to work closely each day with a noted transplant surgeon well-known nationally for his expertise in surgery but also for his difficult and demanding personality.  I was worried that Kate might not be able to manage the challenges of working with him but she proved me wrong – she got along with him quite well, and to this day, he still smiles as he comments about her great work on his team.  

At East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, I personally observed her top-notch organizational skills that allowed her to simultaneously support two different work teams in two locations, her ability to maintain a calm and comforting disposition while responding to the needs of highly stressed medical students, and her ability to work successfully and gain the respect and admiration of physicians and basic science faculty members with diverse personalities.  

I consider her to be one of the most outstanding support staff members that I’ve worked alongside during my 22-year career in education – not just for her excellent work behaviors but also for what I consider to be her equally fantastic inner qualities.  I recommend her to you for your highest consideration and I welcome you to contact me if you require more information about my experiences with her.

Sandy Acheampong, Ph.D., LPC (Office of Student Development & Academic Counseling, Learning Skills Specialist)