Laurel Elders, PCC, CEC

“Kate is very caring, competent and insightful! Her work, dedication to excellence and warm heart has been so valuable to our team. Do not hesitate to hire her for your VA needs!”

Founder of The Institute of Integrative Coach Training

Laura McKaughan

“Kate has been wonderful in helping our company get on top of our finances. She is highly experienced, easy to work with, intuitive and has an excellent attention to detail. We are eager to work with her further to set more proactive revenue goals and grow the company’s social media presence.”

Envirolutions Consulting  https://www.envirolutionsconsulting.com/

Tabitha Danloe, PCC, CPIC

“Deciding to hire Kate has by far been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business thus far. It’s not just having any help that can up-level your business, it’s having Kate. I’ve had many assistants over the years but none are as thorough, detail oriented, organized, and as accountable as Kate. Plus she has a delightful personality! I’ll never forget the first time she proactively followed up on a to do that I didn’t ever remember myself… I was floored and deeply grateful for the ownership she took for my business. That is a rare trait to find and I’m so lucky to have Kate on my success team.”

Executive, Business & Life Coach
The Divine Sophia

Dr. Kristen Truman-Allen

“Kate is timely, responsive, respectful and super thorough. I felt like I could ask for help/support and trust her to take tasks forward and complete them more timely and detailed than I could on my own. What a huge gift. Also I appreciated the platforms and tools she used to help us work efficiently.
AND Kate would start with YES! And we would create and plan from there, even if the task was new learning or new approach for her. Thank you thank you thank you !”

Dr. Kristen Truman-Allen

Stephanie Rising

“Kate really cares about her clients and actively finds ways to make their life easier. She also excels at pursuing tasks to the end result rather than just “checking a box.” Add to that her accessibility, organization, and very personable manner — Kate is a real asset to any busy entrepreneur. Thank you Kate!”

Stephanie Rising

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