Bookkeeping helps to keep your business running smoothly, keeping you ahead of the game not behind, allows you to accurately know where you stand at all times, and helps you know where your money is flowing. Keeping your bookkeeping in order each month will help make tax season that much easier for you!

Monthly Bookkeeping


This plan is great for small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and business owners who have small volume of transactions and want someone else to maintain their books.

  • (Up to) 50 Transaction input & matching
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations (2 accounts)
  • Basic Quarterly Financial Reports
  • Email Communications and Zoom Video Calls.


Are You a high volume business with more transactions, are your financials more complex? You still want to handle your Accounts Receivable and Payables and your Payroll but you want me to ensure everything is in Quickbooks.

  • Unlimited Transaction Recording & Matching
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations (up to 4)
  • Monthly Basic Financial Reports
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Email Communications and Zoom Video Calls.


Great for businesses with high volume of transactions, those wanting a more hands on bookkeeper and

  • Unlimited Transaction Recording & Matching
  • Unlimited Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Email Communications and Zoom Video Calls.

Clean-up/ Catch-up Service

Are your books a few months behind? Is Tax season coming up and you are dreading the thought of having to catch-up your books? Let me take the task off of your shoulders! You can rest assured I will start from the beginning and ensure your books are ready to go!

  • Rates Depend on Clean-Up Catch-up Service Needed
  • Clean-up of Monthly Books
  • Get Ready for Tax Season
  • Rush Jobs incur additional fees

Let’s save you time and money, together.

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