Additional Services- Time limited

Please see below my discounted services for $95 or less
(Most are $65 or less):

If you don’t see the service you need please contact me @ and let me know what you are looking for. I may be able to tailor a package to your needs.
I look forward to working with you!

Social Media Options

Social Cover/Banner Package
I will create social media covers/ banners for Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.


Create 5 Social Media posts
I will create 5 social media posts (total) using your branding, blog posts, articles and repurposed material and posts. Can be all for one social media account or for a variety, but total is 5.

Content Idea Calendar
I will create a One-Month Social Media Content Idea Calendar for your Facebook business page.


Social Media Scheduling
I will schedule a month’s worth of Facebook and Instagram posts. Client must have a scheduling app for Instagram scheduling and all written content including pictures selected/purchased.

Schedule 1 Month of Social Media
I will schedule 1 Month of Social Media you have created and shared with me. Price per platform and each business. Client must have scheduler.

Create 10 Social Media Posts
I will create 10 social media posts (total) using your branding, blog posts, articles and repurposed material and posts.


Dubsado Setup & Strategy Options

Strategy for 1 workflow
In our Zoom video chat I will strategize how to setup one Workflow in Dubsado. Includes Recorded 1-hour Zoom video chat. This could be for anything from strategizing a Lead to a client, event registration, how to send a questionnaire, contract, etc.

Basic Dubsado Setup
I will create your basic Dubsado setup (Branding, Notification Email, Privacy setup, Setup Dubsado Calendar (connect to your personal /business calendar), Dashboard setup only.)


Client Portal
I will create your Client Portal- Client provides all Branding & information requested by VA.


Scheduler Setup
I will setup 1 Dubsado Scheduler (including, email, schedule questionnaire or additional form needed.) Client will provide VA all necessary information to create scheduler.


1-hour Consultation Session
Have questions about Dubsado? Want to learn how to DIY yourself? I’ll answer your questions in a one-hour recorded session so you can make your own Dubsado!


Create 18 Templates
I will create 18 templates in Dubsado (you choose: email, questionnaire, proposal, lead capture forms, testimonial requests, Contracts, sub-agreements, proposals for events, coaching intake forms, portal guides, etc.)

Quickbooks Online (QBO) Options:

QBO Account Creation
I will create a Quickbooks Online Account (usual price is $175 or more) Client must purchase QBO (see QBO discounted subscription options below) or already have account.


Financial Report Template Creation
I will create a Financial report template for easy reporting within your QBO account and send you a video to see how to access it. Client must have a QBO Account.


Invoice, Bill & Email Message template Creation
I will setup your Invoice template, Bill Template and email message templates for your Quickbooks Online Account. Client must have a QBO Account.


Which QBO Account is Right for YOU?
I will strategy which Quickbooks Online Account you need to signup.

Quickbooks discounted subscription– Billed by me

Signup through me (I am a Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor) to receive 50% off for the life of your subscription:

  • $7/mo. for the life of the subscription for QBO Self-Employed,
  • $20/mo. for the Essential option with a lifetime subscription to QBO. I would bill you monthly
  • Price Varies- Depends on current QBO pricing. Pricing above could change at any time.

Quickbooks Discounted Subscription- Billed by QBO.

  • you can pay $6/mo. for Self-employed (reverts to $15/mo. after 12 months) or
  • $28/mo. (reverts to $40/mo. after 12 months). With this setup you would be billed directly by QBO.
  • Price Varies- Depends on current QBO pricing. Pricing above could change at any time.

Other Options: Website, Email, Newsletter, E-books & More

Email Management Template
I will create one Email Management Template (either Aweber or Mailchimp) for your business.


E-Book Design
I will create a 10-page basic E-Book Design using your branding, information about the E-book and preferences.


Survey Creation
I will create a basic Survey for you using your Survey Monkey account (10 questions). Client provides questions and branding, and account.

Add Relevant Pictures to Your E-book
I will find relevant photos and add them to your E-book (20 pages or less). Photos are included in rate.

Newsletter Template Creation
I will create one Newsletter template using your branding information.


E-book Review
I will review your E-book for grammatical errors (20 pages or less).


Program Setup
depending on the program, I will help you get your Virtual Coaching business up and running (includes 2 programs per purchase: Slack, Zoom, Later, Tailwind)


Website Creation
For $85 I will design a one-page website using your branding and information. (Client must purchase programs and have domain and web-page purchased).


1099 Filing
I will complete your 1099 filing (filing up to (eight) #8 1099’s)

Up to $85

I am sharing with you some very discounted services and expanding my services during this unusual season. Things are trying for everyone, I want to help you to get to the next level with your business. I would ask that at this discounted rate you grant me a testimony by the end of our time together. This will be beneficial to my business growth. Please feel free to contact me at . When you contact me please specify which service(s) you would like to receive.

Disclaimer for all items above

Client must provide all necessary branding and information requested by Virtual Assistant (VA), and grant VA access to accounts needed to accomplish tasks, in order for tasks to be completed. All services requiring an account for use, Client must pay or own the account and is responsible for payment of that account if required. All client accounts will be shared via LastPass to the VA and will require the client to have a free Lastpass account.  Discounts listed above are available for a limited time. A limit of 2 renditions for service requiring creation will be allowed. Each service will require a signed contract, payment received and access to appropriate programs, receipt of all branding, answers to questions and information requested before any service/package can be started.

If VA’s services are highly demanded then the VA will schedule with the Client when the VA will begin work on the service/package with an estimated timeline of completion. VA is not responsible for delay because of missing items from above.

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