Do you feel like you are wearing too many hats and not getting enough done? Do you dread the long to-do list that glares at you every day?

Ever wonder how you are going to manage your business, pay your invoices, create graphics for social media, respond to all of their comments, update your website and still make your business goals for the month? That’s where I come in!

I work for small business owners and entrepreneurs who make a difference and impact the lives of others in a big way. Maybe you have a vision of where you want to go, but you have too many plates spinning at a time and not enough time to accomplish your goals. Running your own business is demanding on you and your time, and managing all of the tasks to grow your business can seem impossible! Not to worry, I can help you!

I’ll relieve you of the tasks that are keeping you from doing the work you are called to do so that you can focus on what’s most important in your business.

Working with me, you will be able to find more time for the things you enjoy the most and find relief from the tasks that cause you stress. I’ll give you strategies, tools, and resources that will help you streamline your business and tasks, helping you all along the way.

Soon you’ll be motivated and excited to tackle your to-do list and will do so with ease, seeing your income and your free time grow as you do!

purposeful virtual assistingfor conscious businesses

So, what can I help with?

  • General Admin & Personal Assistance
  • Business Operations
  • Client Relationship Management System Setup and Maintenance
  • Graphics Creation
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Blog Management

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